A letter to Our Community

As HyperDAO continues to reach new heights every day, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal users for the support we have received over the years. Since HyperDAO’s launch on OKEx Jumpstart in 2020 as the first IEO of the year, we have truly come a long way to be where we are today. As firm believers of decentralization and community-based governance, we have, from Day 1, set out to deliver a product that would enrich the lives of the everyday consumer and offer the same privileges of banking and finance to the masses, regardless of their monetary status.

From HyperDAO’s first iteration of decentralized finance, we have launched a comprehensive DeFi wallet that has enabled our users to store, transact and earn passive income on our mobile application. In the process, we realized that there was a need for transparent, secure and truly decentralized investment opportunities; that led us to shift our focus towards building a decentralized IDO platform where users can decide on the development and direction of HyperDAO moving forward, as co-owners of the platform.

MVP was our very first IDO, and it was a tremendous success that sold out within hours. The success was also a testament of the work we have put in to ensure that the platform ran smoothly amidst the influx of investors.

Now that the platform has proven to be operational and has matured sufficiently, we think HyperDAO can now proceed to the next stage of decentralization – a platform that is fully governed by its community.

In fact, HyperDAO has already been a platform that is wholly owned by the community; more than half of the HDAO tokens’ total supply has already been distributed to the public so our users do not need to worry about any hidden reserves that may threaten the price sovereignty of HDAO. It is time for HyperDAO to live up to its name; to be the best version of a DAO.

We expect HyperDAO’s governance to evolve over time. At this moment, we are confident that a delegate model would be the ideal choice in representing the interests of our members. As you may already know, HyperDAO has been accepting applications for nodes over the past weeks, and we seek to find delegates that can lead the development of the HyperDAO platform from that pool of talent. Successful applicants will be announced in the coming days.

As valued delegates, these nodes will eventually take the helm of the development of HyperDAO going forward. However, they will not be left without any guidance; the HyperDAO team, including our original founders, will continue to serve as volunteers to contribute to the development of the platform, and we will be available to provide counsel and lend support to the delegate nodes.

We hope that our valued users will continue to support HyperDAO, and join us in building a truly decentralized and self-governing community together.

The HyperDAO Team