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HYPERDAO is a fully decentralized IDO launchpad run on the Polygon (MATIC) network where token holders not only can oversee the progress and development of the project, but also participate in its governance via a DAO platform.

HDAO is a platform that aims to provide an equitable and transparent launchpad where investors of all sizes are guaranteed an allocation. All funds that are raised are held in an escrow address that is traceable on the blockchain. By being completely transparent with the flow of funds, HyperDAO can better give its users a peace of mind and confidence that their dollars are being put to proper use.

Past Project and Track Record

Since 2017, HyperDAO has been helping many successful projects to raise funds behind the scenes. Some high-profile projects which HyperDAO has raised funds for and has since listed on top exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi include IPFS (Filecoin), Polkadot (DOT), Skrumble Network (SKM), New Kind of Network (NKN) and Qash (QASH).

HyperDAO has raised more than 100,000 ETHs for 52 projects. With a strong userbase of more than 50,000 active users from over 50 different countries, HyperDAO saw more than 80% of the projects it has listed reaching their funding goal within an hour.

Case Study

SKRUMBLE (SKM) — Listed in top exchanges such as gate.io, Huobi Global, Lbank, BHE, Hotbit, Bittrex, and Huobi Korea. HyperDAO has managed to raise more than 20,000 ETH for SKM and helped them reach its funding goal within an hour. In total, HyperDAO has helped SKM secure US$15m in funding.

New Kind of Network (NKN) — Listed on Coinbase, Binance, Huobi Global, and Upbit. HyperDAO has raised 24,100 ETH for NKN. HyperDAO also managed to help NKN-hit 70% of its hard cap goal in the first 3 minutes, and distributed NKN tokens to more than 2000 investors.

With 4 years of experience behind them and a stellar track records, it is clear that HyperDAO has the capabilities and network to attract only the best projects to list on its launchpad. We welcome our users to come onboard and uncover more gems that could very well be the next Polkadot (DOT) and Filecoin (IPFS).

Isses that HDAO aims to solve

There has been a sharp rise in new projects raising funds ever since the 2020–21 bull market; however, as more projects launch, there were also more incidents of exploits and exit scams (rug-pulls) by dubious developers who are looking for quick money. HyperDAO sees this as a serious problem that could easily be resolved if there was better user protection and transparency.

Transparency and rug-pull free

Traditionally, retail investors in blockchain-based projects had little to no say in the development and direction of the project. Throughout the years, there have been instances where project teams either dish out poorly made products, products that completely fall short of expectations or fail to deliver the promised products entirely. These risks, however, could be reduced or even eliminated completely if projects were answerable to their investors, be it smaller or larger investors. With HyperDAO’s DAO system, the investors’ dollars are first held in an escrow wallet that is not accessible to the project team. Through community governance, project teams have to keep their investors updated throughout the development process and request for access to funds to continue their operations. This mechanism provides a safety net for our valued investors and give them a say in how their dollars go to work.


The HyperDAO IDO is being built on Polygon (MATIC) — a blockchain scalability platform called “the Ethereum’s internet of Blockchains” as it seeks to address Ethereum’s limitations such as heavy fees, poor user experience, and low transactions per second (TPS).

The Polygon network is perfect for HyperDAO to operate as it includes features designed to focus on the user experience with blazing fast transactions by having more than 65,000 TPS to Ethereum’s 20 TPS (about 3000 times faster), and costs only about 1% of Ethereum’s gas fees!

With Ethereum’s gas fees averaging and could be upwards of $150 and 3+ minutes, a mere $300 investment would require the price to increase 100% to have covered the gas fees Compared to MATIC’s 1% of Ethereum’s fees to have gained profits!




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