HDAO transfers treasury's secret key to delegate nodes

HyperDAO is proud to announce to its members that the platform will transition to full decentralization and community-based governance, a promise we promoted from Day 1.

HyperDAO has long worked towards a transparent, secure and truly decentralized investment opportunity to the masses, regardless of monetary status. For that, HyperDAO has been building towards a decentralized IDO platform where users can decide on the development and direction of HyperDAO moving forward, as co-owners of the platform.

We would like to inform our community of the feats that HyperDAO had done to ensure the achievement of our goal.

As of today, the secret key for HyperDAO’s treasury has been passed over to the node delegates. Team tokens will be reserved as incentives for node delegates. HyperDAO is going fully decentralized, with its development and future governed by the community.

We hope to see you participating in the future of HyperDAO as much as you all have during the beginnings of our journey.



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