HDAO’s IDO Platform, a One Stop Crowdfunding Platform for all your Project Needs✊

The initial DEX product or IDO is a token representing any type of asset hosted on a decentralized exchange (DEX). IDO provides companies with a tool that enables communities to participate in the economy, which not only enriches their products and services, but also enables them to make smart business decisions about their assets.

💫IDO has some advantages that may make it more attractive than ICOs and IEOs:
🌟instant liquidity,
🌟instant transactions and lower listing costs.
🌟Flow immediately
🌟Immediately trade
🌟Reduce costs
🌟Open and fair fundraising

IDO has similarities with the initial exchange product (IEO) 🙌
However, centralized exchange has strict basic rules, including:
👉🏻Pay huge fees or provide some tokens to the exchange;
👉🏻The project is prohibited from listing its tokens on competitive exchanges;
👉🏻There is little room to control the project’s token sales parameters

🤗HDAO has been continuously improving, innovating and integrating new services to expand its ecosystem. Please keep up with HDAO social media and we will work hard to provide you with news about the upcoming decentralized IDO project.🤗
Let’s go through each of the above details of the article: https://hdao.medium.com/hdaos-ido-platform-a-one-stop-crowdfunding-platform-for-all-your-project-needs-68ccb56188e1
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