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HyperDAO: Improving User Experience in the Web 3.0 Era

As the digital era continues to develop and evolve, the internet has also gone through huge changes. In recent years, the term Web 3.0 (Web3) has been increasingly talked about. What exactly is Web3, and how will it impact our daily lives?

The Origin of Web3

The term Web3 was coined by Gavin Woods, the developer of Ethereum and Polkadot, way back in 2014. Polkadot is a blockchain network that enables cross-chain transfers of any type of data or asset. Today, Woods is also running the Web3 Foundation, an organization dedicated to the support of decentralized web software protocols.

As we can observe from the current market trends, Web3 will usher in the next generation of the web, and the internet will transition from a centralized management style to a more democratic and fairer model. Right now, tech giants like Google can control all the data and information of their users, which poses a huge threat to their security and privacy. Web3 was created as a solution to these problems, and will help bring in a new digital era that can improve the lives of web users.

HyperDAO Improves User Experience

With the advent of Web3, there is hope that the problems existing in the Internet can be solved. Users can now experience a more intuitive and personalized interface when browsing the web, and they can control their privacy and digital identity. By utilizing blockchain technology, Web3 has fully combined the benefits of its predecessors.

As a multi-chain protocol that supports Web3, HyperDAO has been exploring the possibility of DAO governance, and they believe that one of the biggest obstacles to mass adoption is the lack of a refined user experience interface (UX). As one of the earliest adopters of DAO governance, HyperDAO firmly believes that UX is the key towards unlocking the future.

Why is UX such a big obstacle? Internet protocols like HTTP and SMTP are overly simplified, and it is not possible for a node (a PC with internet connection) to access its history and previous state. From a user’s perspective, this is akin to downloading a web browser for the very first time (no access to history records, bookmarks, storage settings or auto-fill). Think about it: you will need to re-submit your particulars every time you download a new application, or sign-up for a new account. This is detrimental to the overall user experience, and will dramatically lower its efficiency.

In Web3, the issue of the UX has been greatly improved. All the browser history of a user can be stored on-chain, and users can retain full custody of their data. As the era of Web3 approaches, HyperDAO hopes to improve the way users access the web by employing both cross-chain bridges and a decentralized community governance model. HyperDAO will use blockchain technology and smart contract to empower the community, and will give users the chance to direct the future of the platform and its DeFi ecosystem.

HyperDAO’s Discord Channel

In order to introduce more users to HyperDAO, the team has established its official Discord channel this month. At the same time, there are community events underway that will reward users for their participation.

At the time of writing, the total number of members within the Discord channel has exceeded 10,000 and the team would like to take this chance to thank their users for the wonderful support. Transparency and autonomy are what drives HyperDAO forward, and the project will continue to expand its DeFi ecosystem to deliver the best experience for users.




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