HyperDAO — The Rise of the DAO Era

3 min readMar 27, 2023


Democracy is the expression of the will of the people. It is not one man, nor a group of men, but all the people, to whom the dominion belongs. — Chamfort

People are always looking for the next big opportunity. In the blockchain space, new investment opportunities are highly sought after, as investors want to find the next token or project that can make them millions. However, where exactly is the next big opportunity that can disrupt the industry? Could it be the metaverse, NFT, DeFi, or perhaps… DAO? In fact, DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, rose to prominence almost at the same time as Ethereum.

In 2016, the hacking incident of The DAO turned the crypto community against the concept of self-governed organizations, though there has been a renewed discussion on its potential again recently. Large institutions and prominent investors have started to show their interest in DAO, and Mark Cuban has even described it as “the ultimate combination of capitalism and progressivism”.

DAO is about to become the next big opportunity in the crypto space and Web3, and mainstream global investors in pursuit of investment opportunities have uncovered the most valuable platform in the DAO industry: HyperDAO. These investors have begun conducting their due diligence to find out everything on HyperDAO, including its modus operandi and business value.

Smart Contracts

HyperDAO represents a distributed autonomous organization where all major decisions and future developments on the platform are voted on by users through code. This democratic approach makes more people more willing to participate in the platform’s governance. There is no hierarchy or key executive members in HyperDAO, so that users themselves can truly determine the future of HyperDAO.

HyperDAO employs the use of smart contracts, which are codes that execute automatically when a set of criteria is met. Users who want to participate in the governance of HyperDAO are required to hold HDAO, HyperDAO’s native token. With the increased utility of HDAO, its market value is set to grow over time.

HyperDAO utilizes smart contracts to facilitate voting by HyperDAO members. Such a mechanism can improve the platform through the introduction of better ideas and thoughts. This also serves to protect HyperDAO, since it incentivizes more members to vote and select better proposals. Every vote is recorded on-chain, with a fully transparent process.

Advantages of HyperDAO

HyperDAO’s governance structure is fully transparent, and its decentralized concept has created a foundation of trust. In HyperDAO, users do not have to worry about malicious actors harming the platform. Decisions are executed automatically through smart contracts, and all information is fully recorded on-chain.

In the absence of a central authority, there is no need for a long and arduous process to stimulate innovation. On the HyperDAO platform, innovations do not need to be vetted through multiple layers of hierarchies to finally reach those in charge. Anyone can make suggestions, and when those suggestions are approved, the proposer is rewarded with tokens. This incentivizes members to put in their time and effort for the better of the organisation. In HyperDAO, members are not only well-paid, but are also rewarded with tokens. HDAO holders can truly become a part of the HyperDAO organization, and enjoy the long-term benefits of its growth. While some companies offer similar opportunities, it is undeniable that HyperDAO offers more resources and opportunities.

We believe that as the “next big opportunity”, DAOs can definitely rewrite the way enterprises are managed in the future. One day, we may even see employees leaving companies in droves and making strides toward the native organization of Web3 DAOs.




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