2 min readJul 17, 2022


HyperDAO: The Web3.0 Explorer

As the world of business evolves, organizational structures are also changing, and various business organizations are trying to find the most efficient economic operation model amidst current challenges. They are trying to find the most efficient business models to maximize profits and, at the same time, achieve a fair distribution of resources to become an organization that can stand out in the Web 3.0 revolution.

The world has become more innovative because of the emergence of Web3.0, and more users have started to pay attention to DAO as a form of business organization. If we say that modern society has pushed for the concept of a vertical hierarchy, it should also be stated that this particular organizational structure has several drawbacks, such as difficulty in recruitment, lack of motivation within the working space, and persistent corruption.

As an early adopter of DAO governance, HyperDAO has always believed in the significance of DAO in the Web 3.0 world. HyperDAO aims to break away from traditional organizational structures to create a “communal” state.

Empowering Charity

The advent of Web 3.0 is driving a transformative change in human values and collaboration between distributed communities and stakeholders is becoming increasingly important. DAO bridges the gap between users and stakeholders and helps to achieve scale and collaborative policies in a short period of time. This way of operation helps to promote the efficiency and convenience of DAO to the world.

Unlike the traditional “top-down” management model, HyperDAO promotes value-based empowerment, bringing out the “self-managing” and “autonomous” attributes of DAOs, allowing more members around the world to rely on philanthropy to change the world. With more members, we believe that charity can change the world.

HyperDAO is positioned as a charitable DAO organization with a firm goal — to adhere to our founding belief that charity begins from within. We are committed to building a strong autonomous community that helps enterprises, individuals, organizations, etc. that need help, using a multi-chain payment and settlement network to create a new generation of smarter, more advanced, and fairer decentralized platforms. With the power of the community, we believe HyperDAO will be able to go beyond the limits of humanity, bringing warmth and comfort to everyone.

In addition, with its principle of community collaboration, business transactions between HyperDAO’s nodes and organizations are not determined by traditional administrative measures, but by the principles of equality, reciprocity, and mutual benefit, driven by complementary advantages and win-win measures. With attractive DAO incentive mechanisms in place, each organizational node will collaborate effectively, thus generating a powerful synergy effect.

HyperDAO will continue to explore the limits of Web 3.0, and we aim to evolve towards self-empowerment, using our own capabilities to reconstruct the traditional framework of charity protocols. Someday, HyperDAO may even be called upon to design the new economic system of the new world!




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