LEEK’s Upgrade to Map onto HDAO, A Promising Prospect

As many users are likely aware, in August 2017, Mr. Jayden Wei purchased the domain name LEEKICO.COM, (also known as立刻网) , with the hopes of helping outstanding blockchain projects to solve financing problems through the team’s efforts. Past incidents have proved that LEEK has indeed lived up to the trust and expectations of its customers. LEEK has helped more than 60 outstanding blockchain projects to solve their financing difficulties and has even set the record of achieving the largest financing volume in the shortest amount of financing time possible.

The LEEK team had made several attempts on the converting Leek.com, all the while faced with “funding” issues and the looming ferocity of the bear market. However, despite making many attempts and spending a lot of money on development, the results that could be achieved at that time were not satisfactory. Instead, it only served to drift LEEK further away from its original goal. Some time later, as the Binance LaunchPad model took off, it brought forth a wave of small spike to the currency circle, allowing many practitioner to see hopes of conversion, including LEEK.

Some time after, the market became turbulent, and the trend in the currency circle that LEEK was based on at the beginning is no longer the same as it was then. The LEEK team noticed the declining trend of ICOs, and understood that being steadfast will only serve to wither LEEK further. In order not to give up the original intent of the establishment and to persist on the commitment to LEEK users, coupled with the team’s consistent hard work for two years, the functions originally envisioned by LEEK will be updated on the new HDAO platform in the near future. Utilizing blockchain’s technology and the token economy to drive the autonomous governance of the community, and to adhere to the commitment to LEEK users, the HDAO Foundation has launched the LEEKCOIN mapping upgrade onto the HDAO platform.

Despite it being a strategic transformation, HDAO did not abandon all the excellent traditions that once existed on the LEEK platform — which is the foundation for LEEK to gain users trust. LEEK has a wealth of experience in project evaluation, and is also known for its prudent project selection and high rate of return. Among the projects that have been logged on to the LEEK network, there have been projects that have earned currency up to dozens or several hundred times, resulting in severely high returns on average. Therefore, LEEK holders can transfer LEEK assets to HyperPay for mapping purposes. After the mapping is completed, users will be able to withdraw HDAO tokens to major exchanges such as OKEx, Bithumb Global, Bittrex Global, Coinwin, UniSwap for trading.

The upgrade of LEEK to HDAO is the result of the whole HDAO team’s deliberation. Just as how thins change with time, we believe that HDAO can also, like LEEK, accumulate in the market and bring investors a new round of returns. LEEK was once one of the most popular websites in the world with the highest praise rate, with the praise rating exceeding that of Bitcoin Swiss. All this is not only the result of the efforts of the LEEK team, but also due to the support and trust of its users. LEEK has made history, and HDAO can carry on LEEK’s previous glory, as HDAO will not stop its innovations.

HDAO is being reborn, now stronger than ever, and wishes to move forward with its users in hand, to pave an all new era in the HDAO ecosystem.



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