Molding the Strongest Community Leadership with HyperDAO

3 min readDec 17, 2021


After a series of trials and tribulations, community members supporting HyperDAO has conquered all obstacles in the way to become trusted and reliable community nodes. Today, let us discuss what leadership aspects are needed for these nodes to succeed within HyperDAO (on top of the advantages bestowed by the DAO model). All these factors come together to unite the community, so as to drive the future development of HyperDAO.

Building a Better Future with HyperDAO
In today’s digital world, more and more social networking platforms are available to link everyone together. A perfect example would be HyperDAO’s Discord community, where community members can keep track of the platform’s latest updates, and learn more about their upcoming plans. At the same time, the nodes that are in-charge of maintaining HyperDAO’s operations can use the Discord channel to get valuable feedback from the community. This way, the development of the HyperDAO platform can be further optimized, and less mistakes would be made.

Such an orderly developmental environment gives the HyperDAO nodes more opportunities to observe the current market conditions, so as to adopt the best strategies to succeed. They can evaluate problems that are plaguing the platform, and categorize them in order of severity so that more efficient measures can be implemented. With the strong support from the community, the HyperDAO platform looks poised for success.

Shaping a Strong Leadership Foundation with HyperDAO Nodes
In a traditional large-scale enterprise, most management styles are centralized; most people believe that such a management style is good as the enterprise’s resources and manpower can be directed to where it is most needed. For example, the CEO would generally have the sole discretion to decide how the enterprise should be managed. This is a very common management style favoured due to its simplicity. However, it does come with certain disadvantages: the success of the enterprise hinges directly on the CEO’s capabilities. Should the CEO be corrupted or incompetent, the enterprise would be severely impacted.

As the foundational infrastructure behind the latest Web3.0, the multi-chain and autonomous platform HyperDAO, will leave all major governance decisions to the community. Such a management model is known as a “community-driven” style and can stimulate qualitative and quantitative growth within the community, which would in turn become one of the biggest strengths behind HyperDAO.

Quantitative growth: As HyperDAO continues to grow, the community can link-up and partner with stronger groups or organizations, and the scale of the community would further expand.

Qualitative growth: As the scale of HyperDAO increases, the community can simultaneously execute complicated and complex tasks.

In other words, the HyperDAO platform would grow in influence by adopting a community governance model, and the community backing the platform would in-turn possess extraordinary leadership capabilities. Moving forward, this will be the strongest weapon in HyperDAO’s arsenal. The future can only be realized by rejecting the shortcomings of the traditional management styles. HyperDAO will continue to emphasize community-driven growth, and help its members grow and develop to succeed in the blockchain industry.

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