The New Future of HyperDAO with Supernode Governance

Blockchain has advanced to the extent that it is no longer regarded as a mere technology; it is now a key that helps to unlock our future. In the same vein, nodes are no longer just a means to manage a blockchain network by verifying the validity of transactional data. As an infrastructure of the new Web3.0, HyperDAO is a multi-chain, early adopter of DAO governance, and a firm believer that DAO is the future of work. In order to further improve the degree of decentralization in the crypto market, and better promote the future development of HyperDAO, the organisation has decided to initiate the official launch of the HDAO supernodes. This represents a new era of governance under decentralized supernodes that would manage the entire network.

According to official sources, the election campaign for HDAO supernodes has been successfully completed, and 10 finalists will be chosen shortly. The purpose of the election is to promote the stable development of the HDAO network, and to push it further into “full” decentralization. This would enable more users in the community to participate in the growth of the HDAO ecosystem, and empower them as the entire HDAO DeFi (decentralized finance) ecosystem develops in a sustainable manner.

Importance of Collaborative Governance

Collaborative governance is an indispensable part of DAOs, and its main role is for the community to have a say in how the platform should be managed. HDAO has transferred its governance rights to the supernodes, which means that the management and development of the HDAO platform is now firmly in the control of the community. Supernodes will play a key role in governance, and can vote on important matters that would influence the platform’s development. In return, supernodes will receive incentives as the DeFi ecosystem within the HDAO platform matures and scales further.

The Main Functions of Supernodes

The main functions of supernodes are to ensure the safe and stable operation of the blockchain network, assist in the development of dAPPs, grow the platform and establish a firm community base. To perform these tasks, the supernodes can propose new initiatives to be voted upon. As seen above, supernodes play a key role in the management and growth of HDAO’s DeFi platform. Thus, it is important to select strong leaders to undertake the roles and responsibilities of supernodes.

Supernodes are representatives of the communities that will lead change and development of the platform. They address issues that have been raised by the community and be their voice when determining the direction of the platform going forward. They are entrusted with the authority to govern and will make important decisions for HDAO. Together with the community, supernodes will continue to build the platform and seek to bring HDAO to even greater heights.

If we evaluate all available factors, it is safe to say that the supernodes will be key players in the HDAO platform, and will heavily influence the development of the platform into a truly decentralized platform. As participants of the HyperDAO decentralized governance model, the HDAO community will definitely be able to enjoy the rewards for their effort and contributions towards the growth of the project.




The Leading Decentralized Charity Platform governed by #DAO

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The Leading Decentralized Charity Platform governed by #DAO

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